Thursday, October 16, 2008

Meet Team Los Muertos Pasion por la Vida

Welcome to Team Los Muertos (The Dead A Passion for Life! thanks Mark! Great Name) my number one goal is to help every one achieve there goals! Second is to have lots and lots of fun and kick every ones butts in the team workout! I posted photos of some of our team mates that I had or took during individual meetings set up for goal setting. I will get team shirts made before our first workout Sunday November 9th at 4pm. If you haven't meet with me yet please set up a time asap! I will post communication and all workouts on this blog. I will email reminders to check for updates! I will continue to work on the blog and update details!
Mark Cunningham

Matt Kerwick
Carla Wuthrich

Not Photoed Whitney Frakes / Paula Branson / Gina Richardson

Alternates Havalah Winslow and Robert Nash

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